Dead mummy - a funny short film I worked on that’s currently in post production.


Captain America: the First Avenger TV Spot on Super Bowl

(Chris Evans looks extremely thin and young in the first half of the trailer!)


Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon TV Spot!!


Cowboys Vs Aliens TV Spot

I’m currently working on a short film called Ghost in the machine, which involves treating a clean voiceover to make it feel like it’s coming from the tractor.

Only the second time I’ve done some worldizing, and I plan to experiment a bit more, but here’s the best recording from the weekend.

I placed some speakers into a large pot, loosely placed the lid back on and I experimented a lot, for the above recoding I placed triangular sheet metal, springs, a ringing bowl with rattly wires coming out of it.

These were all recorded at


Audio Visualization

Not impressed

So the pitch at Ipswich looked like it was in worse condition than anything I’ve played on, including the mighty Wandsworth park. The condition completely killed short and fast passing, while stopping long balls on the first bounce… and you continue to play short passing Arsenal and play a high line?

I realise this is how we play and why we love you for it but there are times when you need to re-think your game and try something new. Who’s job is this? Manager and Captain surely? Make them changes to switch the play and push the team to do it. There isn’t time to be stubborn when you’re so close to a final even if it is the rather pointless League cup.

This will be easy on the return leg but why make it harder than it has to be?

Secondly, why are you playing Bendtner and Arshavin after playing so badly together last game? I think they are both fantastic in their own way, Bendtner’s key skill is his heading, I don’t recall seeing any real chance for him though. They both completely killed the morale of the team and how can they learn to push themselves and fight for a position if you keep giving them games? I’d rather of seen Vela, Emmanuel-Thomas.

Anyway, come on you know what we all want… Henry on a short loan at least.

Thirdly, and it makes me sad to say, Denilson doesn’t have it in him anymore, if he ever did. He has never pushed himself hard enough, he’s great pushing forward, he has a great strike on him, but his tracking back for a Defensive midfielder is rather questionable, I rate Eastmond above him and Frimpong even higher… Our little Brazilian cannot be our cover for the beast that Song has become.

… I was not impressed. Goodnight.



Spine-tingling Titi Henry video

oh my god this is brilliant

i seriously miss this guy

like so much :(

OH MY… Teary eyed now :(

Oh, just a video of someone controlling Ableton live with an xbox 360 controller…

cool :P